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Paddle Surf Excursion

Quick Details

Map Marker Routes Available:

    • Route: Cueva Órganos – Cabo negro – Portichol
    • Route: Granadella – in Caló – cueva Llop marí
Price per Person

Discover crystal clear waters and paradise here in Jávea!

Check the planned route of the day in the calendar.

With a total duration of 3 hours, the Paddle Surf Jávea experience is structured as follows:

  • Briefing on the beach with our monitors:
    • On the sand we will teach you to master your board and paddle from scratch with the best technique.
  • Navigation in the Paddle Surf boat:
    • On the back of Asterix we will enjoy a boat with all the comforts and the best landscapes of Jávea, until we reach the best points on the coast from where to practice paddle surfing.
  • Jávea Paddle Surf Experience:
    • Tables in the water and guaranteed enjoyment with our monitors. Along with diving and snorkelling, paddle surfing allows you to discover the sea in a different and unique way.